411 With Nella D

Remember when Sylver Karatz and Jessica Dime from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta got into it on Instagram? Well word on the curb is that Jessica Dime and her crew jumped Sylver last night in Miami at LIV. One of Jessica Dimes friends posted a video on Instagram of the incident. But from the recent […]

Nati News

Recently, in Nella D & J. Dough’s Interview W/Sylver Karatz who’s helping w/the branding and publicity behind Cook La Flare recently said “I Feel like they made the song together…Cook wrote the hook, Cook wrote the song. But now that the song is buzzing, and recently registered Under Self Made Espy’s name. Who deserves the […]

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Well today was most definitely a crazy day in the life of Cincinnati’s own Sylver Karatz! After going viral for exposing rapper Yo Gotti for being a FRAUD! DJ J.Dough & Nella D got a chance to chop it up with the business women to hear her side of the story. Check out the Interview […]

411 With Nella D

Cincinnati’s own Sylver Karatz has finally opened up about her dealings with rapper Yo Gotti. Seems like after rapper Young Dolph exposed Yo Gotti for being a snitch she decided to chime in on it! Check out the instagram post below!  

411 With Nella D

Jessica Dime hosted a party at a Cincinnati night club this past weekend and people who were there took a picture of her feet and they didn’t look to0 good! Sylver Karatz decided to go on instagram and blast Jessica Dime for her messed up feet! Jessica Dime called Sylver Karatz to ask what was […]

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Sylver Karatz is in the media more and more. A few days ago she was on the internet because of a picture she took with  Vh1’s Stevie J. It seems the world thinks Sylver is in a relationship with him based off this picture. After seeing this picture I  had to call Sylver for a […]


Yo Gotti has signed Cincinnati's own Sylver Karatz to his label. Click inside to see her cameo in his new video and check out my exclusive interview with Sylver.