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  ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith stopped by Get Up before his First Take show this morning to reflect on the life & times of the late, great Kobe Bryant. SOURCE: ESPN


  First Take was Must See TV this morning (May 20) as Magic Johnson stopped by to tell Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim why he abruptly left the Lakers at the end of the regular season. SOURCE: ESPN

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Another day, another black celebrity that has jumped on “all lives matter” train, this time it’s NFL player Cam Newton who has caused a social media uproar after an interview he did with ESPN was released. In the interview, Newton didn’t explicitly say that “all lives matter,” but he went a step further and proclaimed […]

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After the Game 6 thumping that the Cavs dealt the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, MVP wife Ayesha Curry took to her favorite form of social media, Twitter, to “call out” the NBA for what she thinks is a rigged league. She quickly deleted the tweet, but once again, Steph Curry‘s wife is in the […]


“This is the violation of the HIGHEST Degree” Stephen A. Smith of ESPN says D’Angelo Russell Should be dropped from his agent, traded from the Lakers shunned by all players.


Stephen A. Smith is one of ESPN‘s better personalities. That’s why it’s extremely regrettable when he makes comments like the one he made last night. Smith was commenting…

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On Sunday,  longtime “SportsCenter” anchor and ESPN personality Stuart Scott died after a long battle with cancer. Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN’s “First Take” spoke…

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  ESPN First Take is one of the most entertaining sports programs on television, and it’s not only because of Stephen A. Smith and Skip…


ESPN has told “First Take” host Stephen A. Smith to have a seat, and they’ve placed him on suspension. Less than a week after Stephen…

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Well it looks like Stephen A. Smith’s mouth has gotten him in trouble yet again! ESPN suspended Smith for one week from both radio and…