Trick Daddy recently made some comments about black women that had social media up in arms. He recorded himself and went on a rant about how Latina and white women are posing stiff competition for black women, and that once they learn how to fry chicken, black women will be obsolete. Sign Up For Our […]

Reuben Nsemoh survived a life-threatening head injury during a soccer game that put him in a coma, and woke up with new found abilities. The 16-year-old goalkeeper at Brookwood High School, was kicked in the head weeks ago diving for a loose ball, marking his third concussion. Nsemoh stopped breathing and was in a coma for […]

People often like to clown on Beyonce‘s intelligence, but according to Gary With Da Tea, she shocked some of her fans during the Formation Tour in Barcelona when she made a performance choice that went a little bit over her head. Fans of Queen Bey that were native to Spain were delighted in her performance, […]

  This video was intense to watch. This makes me want to touch up on my spanish just in case I get robbed by someone speaking spanish lol. The crazy part is the guy didnt even know what the robber wanted the whole time. source

N.O.R.E. feels some kind of way about Fabolous being the number five rapper on VladTV’s 50 Most Influential Latino Rappers Of All Time list. N.O.R.E., the number seven pick, thinks that the only rappers that should be eligible are those that go hard for their spanish heritage.  Watch as he discusses his fellow African American/Latino […]