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Cincinnati got dumped on, on Valentine’s. The snowfall killed most plans. The Tri State saw up to almost 6inches in some areas. Many utilized President’s Day to clean up and make good on Valentine’s Day plans. This morning we woke up to dense fog. Click here to view the complete list of school closings and […]

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We are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory! For most of us we’ll see 2-3″ of snow fall across the Tri State. Should be over by this evening, tapering off over night. Current temperatures stand at 20 degrees. To put it simply it’s going to be Windy, Cold, and Wet! Please take your time as you drive. Click […]

Rick Ross' visuals for his "Sorry" video starring his fiancé, Lira Galore, are on the way, and we're getting a taste earlier than expected.

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Please be safe on the roads this morning. Last nights snow storm has left the streets covered. As a result, schools are closed and some businesses and colleges have delays. If you need  more details, give us a call at 749-1011 or check our website at Click here for complete list courtesy of Foxx 19 […]


Its raining now, they say sleet will begin about noon and around 3pm the snow will fall. Lots of school closings and early dismissals due to the upcoming storm. Need more details, give us a call at 749-1011 or check our website at Remember to be careful as your drive and TURN YOUR LIGHTS […]