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source  This is too funny. I have never heard of playing dead after you run in the spot ready to bust a move.

  This video was intense to watch. This makes me want to touch up on my spanish just in case I get robbed by someone speaking spanish lol. The crazy part is the guy didnt even know what the robber wanted the whole time. source

  How’s this for karma? A man leaving a hospital after visiting a friend picked up a stranger who was seeking a ride. The stranger turned out to be a robber and carjacked the Good Samaritan. However, the robber’s getaway ground to a screeching halt because the car ran out of gas. READ MORE


According to, Albert “Stealth Brotha” Bailey’s mama raised him right: He knows it’s polite to call ahead before dropping by. Such an idiot to attempt to Rob a bank after calling and letting them know that your on your way…WTH? Authorities in Connecticut say two would-be robbers tried “phoning in” to pull off a […]