"Be Cool, Follow the Rules," headlines the top of the poster. Arrows are used to differentiate who is "not cool," and who is exercising "cool" behavior.

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This has to be the funniest viral video of 2016. The Casa Linda Apartment complex in Oklahoma caught fire Sunday. One resident, Michelle Dobyne shared how she and her children escaped harm after being told by a neighbor their home was a blaze. Although this witnesses accounts were incredibly hilarious she is a survivor. We’re happy […]


As the old-saying goes: Follow the money. People did. And now we know the Red Cross's $500 million built 6 homes. People want answers.

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Hurricane Sandy slamed the east coast yesterday and there is still 6 Million people without power and thousands stranded at airports across the country. There are over 26 deaths in 2 different countries from Hurricane Sandy’s path. If you would like to help and donate to the relief efforts please watch out for scams and […]