Interactions with deer range from distant admiration to trying to avoid them on a interstate highway. But don’t get it confused, the deer are out here…and if you don’t get out of their way, trust, you’ll get ran over. One man in British Columbia experienced this firsthand two Saturdays ago. Twenty-five-year-old Cary McCook was exiting a vehicle when he took […]

  Rapper Jim Jones is known for governing his life by his own set of rules. Last week, Jones was reminded of the laws and their inflexibility when he was removed from his car and searched at Newark Liberty International Airport. Jim Jones recently claimed he was stopped at the airport for driving while black. […]

With the rumors swarming about this week’s big altercation involving R&B’s Ray J and Hip Hop star Fabolous, we knew there’d eventually be some comedy involved at some point. Leave it to Rickey Smiley to keep us laughing and keep us talking even long after the drama that’s sprung out of control built up such a […]

Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal is not the worst of the ridiculous events that have transpired through this media channel. The personal nature of Twitter has made it all too easy for big egos to express their worst sides before rational thought can intervene. Embarrassment over these scandalous tweets is one common result of reckless writing […]