Montana Fishburne

Okay, so according to Vlad TV, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has taken formerly troubled Montana Fishburne under her wing and is trying to teach her how…

Montana Fisburne is planning on spending her adult acting fees on a boob job and vagina surgery.The porn star who recently signed a multi-film deal with porn company Vivid Entertainment is planning on spending her fortune on a few nips and tucks. She tells Hustler magazine, “I don’t want to get real big ones (breasts). […] I had a feeling this chick wasn’t dealing with a full deck. TMZ is reporting that silver spoon fed Hollywood baby, turned raunchy porn starlet, Montana Fishburne is checking into an inpatient facility to get her head examined. The facility is reportedly is Southern California and deals with anger management, behavioral problems and mental illnesses. Depending on what […]

Montana Fishburne called in to Michael Shawn’s show today (August 18th), and he went in! He asked her about her arrest, pending prostitution charges, and why she chose to use her real name instead of a porn alias. Montana’s boyfriend was in the background and spoke up a couple of times, but that didn’t stop […]

Actor Laurence Fishurne is finally speaking out after learning that his daughter Montana is becoming a porn star.

We know you’ve seen the headlines regarding actor Laurence Fishburne’s baby girl and her illicit connection to the adult film industry. Her recent announcement that she wanted to outdo some famous faces in popular culture plus a few well-known XXX film stars and ultimately stay in the game has driven fathers (and mothers) insane the […]