Check out your girl Monica making it happen last week during the official 101.1 The Wiz Meet & Greet at the Aronoff Center for the Arts here in Cincinnati just hours before she straight slaughtered the stage. If you were there, be sure to click “like” and share these fan pics with all of your […]

Check out more of the official 101.1 The Wiz Trey Day Meet & Greet with Trey Songz and his Cincinnati fans just before last night’s show. If you spot yourself with Trey Songz in any of these photos, feel free to share with your family and friends as well as post a comment below so […]


What an amazing day we had yesterday? Thanks again to all of the lovely ladies (and handsome gentlemen, lol!) and the true R&B music lovers who showed up for the Cincinnati stop on Trey Songz‘s current “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” Tour featuring Monica and Dondria. If you were not there, shame on you! You missed […]

If you were one of the thousands of R&B music lovers chilling with 101.1 The Wiz last night at the Aronoff Center, then you already know that newcomer Dondria proved why she’s the latest gem in R&B music. Well, actually, many of you were extremely late to the concert, so you might have missed our […]