Senator Marco Rubio made an announcement on Tuesday that he will no long be participating in the 2016 presidential race.


Sadly, the Democrats, even with a mention of the Black Lives Matter Network, fell short. The concerns of millions of Black Americans were all but dismissed in the first debate, indicating that even the left needs a crash course on how to gain the Black vote.


Add Native Americans to the laundry list of people that Donald Trump has offended. The sports world has been in an uproar over the past…


Fiorina isn't immune to critique from last night's performance, but it's very likely that her approval ratings will go up from the second GOP debate.


There will be a radar survey held of King Tut's tomb to determine whether the scholar is correct.

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  During an appearance on Fox Business News earlier today, hip-hop artist Ja Rule confessed that he might be #TeamHillary in the upcoming 2016 presidential…