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Ok, kind of scary right? Kid Cudi  recently announced his next album, the feature-less Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven, will be out “really really soon,”  Cudi tweeted a picture of a handwritten letter and quickly followed with a tweet that read: “Not a song.” Immediately, the poem strikes a serious note, as Cudi imagines his death and […]

My girl Nicki Minaj spoke out for all women in her recent interview with Cosmo magazine stating  that in her opinion that all women should expect their partner to give them orgasms, and should never settle for less! “I demand that I climax,” she said. “I think women should demand that. I have a friend who’s […]

Whoa! OMG Instagram beef! Drake continues to send passive-aggressive shots at Tyga on Instagram, this time getting who?? Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna involved.  It all started when Tyga called Drake FAKE for liking some of Blac Chyna’s selfies on Instagram. Now Chyna and Kylie Jenner, are rumored to be dating T-Raww. A few hours after […]

Hip hop is taking OVER!!!  Hip-hop and professional sports are more similar than you might think. Both fields are competitive, exciting, and allow for great debates. Rappers are often seen interacting with world class athletes, such as Lil Wayne hanging out with Cristiano Ronaldo, 50 Cent breaking bread with Floyd “Money” Mayweather, or Drake taking […]

What you think???  It’s been quite a while since T-Pain graced the Top 40 charts that used to seem like his second home, but the “Rappa-Ternt-Sanga” still thinks he’s one of the most original artists the game has ever seen. In a recent interview on Montana’s Zoo 107.5 FM, Teddy Pain was outspoken about a recent lack of […]

I LOVE Hip Hop! There is sometimes a fine line between hip hop and advertising, with rappers constantly namechecking their favorite brands, or even promoting their own. A french art director by the name of David Redon may have seen this connection when he began work on a project called “Ads Libitum”, which reimagines rap […]

WOW! The world is changing! This would have NEVER happen when I was in grade school. A Florida teacher was SUSPENDED after giving her students a homework assignment involving the lyrics from Lil Wayne’s “Six Foot, Seven Foot.” Lil Wayne may be known for his metaphors and similes, but unlike Shakespeare, he’s got a pretty foul […]

Beef Beef Beef is in the air! Maino goes at Trinidad James on Twitter following Trinidad’s comments about the New York rap scene. It reports that Trinidad James while he was performing in NYC last night, when he said that the South runs New York “musically.” The backlash was inevitable, and soon followed, with Trinidad responding by defending his position […]

Breezy is tired of getting in trouble and tired of people trying to sue him!  According to hotnewhiphop– Chris Brown counter-sues Deanna Gines, the woman who claimed she was shoved to the ground by Chris at a night club this past summer. Also, Another countersuit has been filed by Chris Brown. Last week we heard Breezy was countersuing Frank […]

My boy 2 Chainz is moving up in the music world but trying to move up in a another direction too! Heard of his song..Netflix??? He claimed that he wants to “make a sex tape and put it on Netflix” in his track “Netflix” off B.O.A.T.S. 2, but little did we know just how true that statement is. […]

CONGRATS Kendrick! My boy is LEADING the BET Hip Hop Awards right now and do you agree with me when I say he DESERVES IT! The West Coast native leads the nominations this year with 14, among them, Lyricist of the Year, Album of the Year, MVP of the Year and Best Hip-Hop Video for “B*T*h […]

I am excited! I can’t wait to hear MMG rappers Meek Mill and Wale Mix tape that drops TODAY! The two have collaborated on plenty of tracks, some of which appear on the recent compilation Self Made Vol. 3, but according to Meek the two have a full tape dropping TODAY. The Philly, who is fresh […]