She’s a bundle of cuteness! Chance Combs has made another adorable video just in time for the holiday. She’s just as precious as she wants to be. Does Diddy have another superstar on his hands? I think so! Merry Christmas Wizantion!

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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and one tradition I have with a very special family member in my life, my nephew will continue this year. We get on the computer on Christmas Eve and track Santa Clause! How, do you ask? With the Official NORAD Santa Tracker! On Christmas Eve, the website will show a map […]

Now that the holidays are right here upon us, we just knew it wouldn’t be right to watch the end of the year go by and we not have at least one special Christmas gift for each of our faithful followers, fans, listeners and supporters. Our WizNation crew members and all of your favorite DJs […]

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Holiday shopping can be time consuming, stressful and maybe even a little overwhelming. Don’t catch the holiday blues trying to shop ’til you drop. These tips will help you stay on top of your shopping game: 1. Create a budget and shopping list before you hit stores or purchase items online. 2. Look in your […]

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RADIO ONE CEO/FOUNDER CATHY HUGHES HAS A SPECIAL HOLIDAY WISH JUST FOR YOU LISTEN BELOW TO GET ONE ON ONE WITH CATHY HUGHES THIS CHRISTMAS Thank you for the years of continued love and support of Radio One. Here’s to 30 more years and beyond. Let’s keep urban radio, news talk and our favorite music […]

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The time from Thanksgiving (November 27) through Christmas (December 25) is one of the most pollution producing times in our country. During this time we eat more, we spend more, and use more paper & electricity than we do during the year. Here’s some tips on how you can make your holiday festivities fun and […]

Monica is planning on releasing a Christmas album. Unfortunately, her fans won’t be seeing it this year. Though Monica planned to record a holiday song this year, timing became an issue. “We were working on it and we found out that we did it too late for iTunes, and for that reason it didn’t work,” […]

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When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, don’t forget to include the bathroom. Since most bathrooms are small, it won’t cost that much to decorate it. Here are some simple and expensive ways to bring in Xmas cheer to your bathroom: Wrapped Gifts – If you have any framed pictures on your bathroom […]

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If you’re lucky enough to have some vacation time stashed for the holidays you’re probably looking for something to do with your downtime. Here are some movies that are in theaters now and coming soon that should have you passing the popcorn into the New Year.

Twista is lending a helping hand to several families who don’t have enough food for Thanksgiving.

Mariah Carey’s new Christmas album, ‘Merry Christmas II You’, is set to debut at #4 on the Billboard 200 with 56,537 units sold. This will make her 16th Top 10 debut. Only Barbra Streisand and Madonna have more top 10 premieres. Barbra has 30, Madonna 19. Carey’s first Holiday album, ‘Merry Christmas’, was released in […]


It’s that time of the year when shopping smart is the best thing to do in these economic times. With great sales all over for the winter and the upcoming holidays, wanting to purchase everything can make you go insane! From electronics to clothing, there are many to choose from with various price ranges. However, here […]