Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed at gunpoint by masked men dressed as police officers at her private residence in Paris. The attackers allegedly entered the apartment after threatening the concierge, tied Kim up and stole millions of dollars in jewelry and technology. In New York, Kanye West stopped his show mid-song to rush back home to […]

I’m glad to here this good news. Police have canceled the amber alert for the 23 month old who was taken at gunpoint from a home in West End. Thank you for your prayers the baby Antionna Reliford  is safe and back with her mother. According to Cincinnati police, 25-year-old Antwan Reliford forced entry into a residence […]


The College Hill neighborhood woke up to strange and startling news earlier this morning that two children had been robbed and held at gunpoint today. The children, an 8-year old male and his 17-year-old sister, were not hurt during the home invasion which took place on Sunridge Drive. According to the reports on this morning’s […]