gold digger

After being tagged in the post, Miss “I Can’t Be Bought” Jackson went OFF…   and @BadMedinaLuvas insisted that they were just a “fan”… Miss Jackson then went HAM and accused Medina of being bought by Floyd from actor Jackie Long and brought up the boxer’s harem of at least SIX other sister wives. See Miss Jackson […]

Ladies you have got to do better than this. Dont be fooled by the money. Click below and check out some of the worlds biggest gold diggers. source   feature photo courtesy of google  

Gabrielle Union is currently engaged to multimillionaire basketball player Dwyane Wade, and is it a coincidence that she found a man with money or is she a gold digger? Lol. Who knows? After her last relationship, she made a decision to stop dating “Brokies.”  Hear what she had  to say about marrying a millionaire HERE. What do you […]

Im still laughing from this video. This chick was off the chain mad, she spit in his face lol. Click below and check this out.   source    

This chick had to feel stupid after he pulled off in that Lambo.  when I get my first Lambo I have to try this on a female lol. source