gary coleman

Nearly a year after his death, 80’s child star Gary Coleman still hasn’t been buried. Vic Perillo, Coleman’s former manager, claims that the burial has been delayed due to legal wrangling between Coleman’s widow and his parents.

Famed actor Todd Bridges recently held his official book signing to support the release of his book Killing Willis. Best known across the nation for his childhood years lighting up our TV screens playing as “Willis Jackson” alongside the late Gary Coleman in the NBC/ABC hit sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, Bridges is now adding author to […]

Biggest Stories of 2010   Biggest Come Back- Michael Vick       Real MC President Obama Don’t ask don’t tell, health care reform           Sports- Collapse of the Bengal’s- Lost 10games in a row. Things turned around last weekend when we won against the Brown’s. We are currently 3-11. Lebron […]

With so much drama surrounding his death, we were hoping that famed child star and beloved actor Gary Coleman’s legacy would amount to a mere accident. In this case, the actor’s death due to a brain hemorrhage earlier this summer has just been declared an accident. How so? According to autopsy reports from the Santaquin […]

For the last two days we’ve been keeping a close eye on former child television star Gary Coleman’s health issues, but unfortunately we are sad to say that he has indeed passed away as of 2:52PM EST this afternoon. Read the final updates via A recent fall and brain hemorrhage had kept the actor […]

Life for Gary Coleman has gone down hill ever since he played on ‘Different Strokes’. Yesterday, he went on The Insider to talk about the allegations of him beating his wife. Things didn’t go too well, so Gary Coleman hops out the chair and walks off. Gary tells one of the hosts, “I hope you […]

Why oh WHY does this man keep getting in “violence” related trouble?  Gary Coleman was arrested on domestic violence charges today in Utah.  And this mugshot is am “MESS”   According to TMZ: Law enforcement in Santaquin, UT says he was arrested on one count of domestic assault — a misdemeanor. He was picked up because of […]