If you need a good laugh? Please watch this video of the San Antonio Spurs’ Coyote mascot had some fun at Mariah Carey‘s expense by mocking the singer’s New Year’s Eve performance during halftime of a game.

From being topless in a jungle to being pantless on a stoop, Halle's flawlessness is simply out of this world.

Music & Entertainment

Have you ever been at work or in the car and your song came on. You couldn’t help but get up and dance. My shift was almost over and my favorite old school song came on. Please don’t judge me people but I lost it. Ms. Ebony J ” The Host that Does the Most” Producer of ” […]

Holiday Guide

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and one tradition I have with a very special family member in my life, my nephew will continue this year. We get on the computer on Christmas Eve and track Santa Clause! How, do you ask? With the Official NORAD Santa Tracker! On Christmas Eve, the website will show a map […]

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It has truly been yet another exciting and event filled weekend for the WizNation family and Radio One Cincinnati staff and crew as we took time to celebrate at the 22nd Annual Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion at Sawyer Point. It’s the type of family gathering you must attend if you’re anywhere near the city or […]

Cincy, Photos

There’s only one way to really get the party started this summer and I think I’ve finally stumbled up the answer. You guys hear me name-dropping and shouting out a bunch of people everyday from celebrities to fans, artists and entertainers even my faithful listeners, but tonight I’m shouting out my drink of choice to […]