Shaq took a major spill I was actually lucky enough to see him fall on live tv. source


According to Vlad TV, during a recent Beyonce concert in Lisbon, Mrs. Carter scrubbed out while attempting to ascend the stairs to the stage.  Bey’s trademark…

  Check out this video and laugh. A Sports anchor bust his butt trying to sprint to the areana.

  A German man who fell asleep while on horseback ended up having an “unsaddling” experience. The unidentified 26-year-old man was staggering around in Landsberg, Germany, on Saturday night, when he found his way into a cozy stable, TheLocal.de reported. SOURCE

  Ask anyone in television production and they will tell you there is nothing more nerve wracking than producing a live television broadcast. Anything can happen during a live show and most times, it will happen. sports broadcaster Ronnie Lott found that out on Saturday when he was enthusiastically speaking about the UCLA football team when he […]

Christina Aguilera is not having a good week. After flubbing the lyrics to the National Anthem at last week’s Super Bowl, Christina performed a tribute to the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin at this year’s Grammy’s and while she executed the song “Ain’t No Way” without any hiccups, as she was she was leaving the […]

Via:Thisis50.com Don’t try this at home kids! Singer Pink fell out of her harness after a bad slingshot attempt Thursday (July 15) during her concert in Nurnberg, Germany. Pink has performed this act hundreds of times in past concerts. Dangling high in the air while singing, and fans really love seeing it. This time though, […]

// Via:Hellobeautiful It happens to the best of ‘em. Not that we’d consider her the best at much, but this fall is pretty hilarious. See what happens when you try to rock out and you’re not a rock star, RiRi? VIDEO: Ouch! Fergie Takes A Fall! VIDEO: Beyonce Takes A Tumble In Brazil Mariah Trips […]