According to Mediatakeout Ceelo Green has been hospitalized, after his cell phone exploded on his ear. Please continue to pray for Ceelo.        


  Mike tyson is off the sh*ts. I wonder if he and Evander still have an on going beef over Evander’s ear. I actually saw this fight live  and didnt believe it until I saw Mike spit his ear out of his mouth. Give him 90 bruh’s source 


  Some of the language in this video may be offensive. Please watch with caution. source

  After the Pacers won game five over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, Indiana Pacers swing Lance Stephenson was seen blowing in the ear of Miami star LeBron James. After the game James compared Stephenson ear blowing to blowing in the ear of his wife.  

This is actually a Footlocker commercial . I would say its one of the dopest most funniest Footlocker commercials I have seen by far. source