Dwight Howard found himself in a sticky situation. During Saturday night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta forward Paul Millsap received the ball from an…

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How Much Is Too Much For Child Support? Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets is making bank! Looks like one of his baby mama’s wants to break off a few more of them commas. Dwight has eight children and all of them are paid, meaning receiving child support. Though one of his children’s mother’s wants […]


Lebron reallly needs to respond to the shade. With all that money I dont understand why he doesnt buy some type of rogaine. source

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Kevin Garnett has long been known as a player with a bit of an edge on the basketball court, but last night “The Big Ticket” took…


The alarm has sounded and the NBA is finally reacting! Far too many times there have been incidents involving abuse and more often than not they’ve been swept under the rug. Well those days are over. Houston Rockets, Dwight Howard is currently under a microscope for allegedly beating his six year old son with a […]


5 Celebs Who PROBABLY Won’t Be Getting A Father’s Day Gift 5. Dwight Howard. 4. Stevie J. 3. R. Kelly. 2. Papa Matthew Knowles. 1. 50 Cent.   Do you agree with this list? Did we miss anyone? See who I left out here. What do you think, Talk 2 Me? Like the wiz on Facebook: […]

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I dont Know how i feel about this but Dwight Howard was caught doing some NOT MANLY things at a party……. is Dwight trippin? All-Star center Dwight Howard has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, the last act of his long, drawn-out departure from the Orlando Magic. A person familiar with the deal tells The Associated Press that the teams completed a complex deal – four teams in all – after a conference call with NBA […]

source Dwight Howard is not only a good basketball player, He’s funny to. Click the video above to see Howard give a Charles Barkley and Shaq impression that will have you weak.

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Rappers Lil Wayne and Fat Joe have been recruited by NBA superstar Dwight Howard to serve as coaches during Howard’s D12 All Star Basketball Game on November 12th. Howard’s organization promotes education, leadership and hope in youth. Lil Wayne and Fat Joe will coach the D12 All-Stars, which will feature NBA stars and former and […]