Jamie Foxx started from the bottom and now he’s working with A List actors. This morning he graced the Russ Parr Morning Show with his presence. He cracked many a jokes. Not to mention gave us insight on working beside, who he considers an extremely gifted director,  Quentin Tarantino. Jamie went in while praising the […]

Help me out for a second.  What’s the name of that one movie?  You know, the one where the slave is set free then he goes to free other slaves and find his wife.  It got about 4 or 5 Oscar nominations.  Yeah that’s right Jamie Foxx was in it!  DJango!  Yeah that’s it. Oh, but […]

This one-hour special is a profound and revealing look into the making of Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster “D’Jango Unchained.” Cathy Hughes, who is known for her powerful interview skills and never-ending ability to get to the bottom line, will ask the always fearless and masterful filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino why he wrote and directed this controversial story […]

Jamie Fox is such a talented person, I know he will have no problem playing this role.  My source states “Django, which stars Jamie Foxx as a freed slave accompanying a bounty hunter on a quest to kill as many plantation and slave owners as possible, looks like the kind of film that will serve […]