Source: JMEnternational / Getty Looks like Destiny’s Child is up to something. Rumors have been circulating about a bio pic film and now a reunion tour is being talked about. “The account is verified AND is run by Sony’s Legacy Records, so it’s not just some random fanmade account — but we’re trying to figure out WHY […]

Lamar Odom's recent behavior has caused major concern for his close family and friends, but his children seem to be affected the most.

Here’s some motivation to get you through the week. Putting off your plans for today will only hurt you tomorrow.  Before you make a decision please consider your future. One bad decision can have an effect on your destiny. Have you ever made a decision that had an effect on you in a way you […]

“If you want it you got to see it with a clear eye view.” Meek Mills Kings and Queens, you control your destiny!   Make a plan and stick to it, read more motivation HERE. Like the wiz on Facebook: 101.1 the Wiz and Follow us on Twitter & Instagram:@WizNationCincy On Air Talent and Media […]

The more Nas seems to change, the more his baby mama Carmen Bryan stays the same. Nas’ first baby mama is back to bemoaning the…

When Amy Winehouse passed so untimely earlier this year, Nas was one of the many celebrity who expressed his sadness and compassion for the young troubled singer. Some even speculated about the nature of their relationship? How close were they really. Nas has finally spoke on the subject. There has always been rumors circulating about […]