Def Jam

Via:Thisis50 Freeway Ricky Ross built a cocaine empire in the early 80’s before getting caught by the Feds and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. That sentence was later reduced to 20 years after a federal appeals court threw out the original decision , then reduced even more for good behavior. […]

Do you remember Peedi Crakk? (Don’t worry, we didn’t either at first.) To jog your Hip Hop recollection, Peedi Crakk was the North Philadelphian rapper who was down with the State Property fellas that brought you the hit “Pass the Patron” alongside Beanie Sigel, Diddy and Ghostface Killah. If you also recall, Peedi Crakk disappeared […]

      Via:   With OutKast’s Big Boi finally inking a deal with Def Jam last week to release his Sir Luscious Left Foot solo album, the rapper sat down with to discuss his past and present label situations, as well as future endeavors. “It was a lot of behind the scenes […]

Let The Hype For Kanye’s 5th Album Begin Via: The Urban Daily During a trip to the Def Jam offices this week, I heard rumblings of Kanye West’s new album being on the release schedule with a tentative release date sometime in June.