A 3-year-old girl in Philadelphia was found chewing on a small bag filled with crack cocaine

A parents worst nightmare has come true. In this disturbing video the tallest child of all at a local Mississippi daycare can be seen on a rampage. The 9yr old goes unnoticed from child to child hitting and kicking toddlers’. The daycare employee has since been arrested and charged with neglect of a minor. ****Warning! […]

The drama continues with NBA star Dwight Howard and his “Basketball Wives” baby mama Royce Reed. Howard says he’s sick of Royce bashing him to the media — a violation of their court settlement — and wants at least $500,500,000 to make things right.

Things are starting to getting uglier by the minute between Dwight Howard and his baby mama “Basketball Wives’” Royce Reed. Royce recently called the cops on Dwight after he picked up their son up from daycare outside of their agreed schedule and now want the courts to make his visits with the child supervised.

These two need to get a grip…”Basketball Wives” Royce Reed and her baby daddy NBA’s Dwight Howard are still going at it over their son. Apparently, there was some mix up over custody and visitation that ended up with the cops getting called.