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Tevin Kievelle Monroe apparently wanted to work at McDonald’s real bad. So much so that he demanded a job application at gunpoint. Police in Norfolk, Va., arrested 31-year-old Monroe last week after he allegedly walked into a Mickey D’s and told the on-duty manager he wanted to apply for a job. When the manager explained twice […]

In the news this week a woman attempted to break her lover out of jail. She thought if she stuffed him in a suitcase she and him would be able to roll out of the jail house with no problems. Just one issue with that- everyone is searched when entering and leaving the jail. So […]

Petey Pablo speaks out on the terror he caused on 9/11 which had him arrested. Exclusive interview available now! Part 1: Part 2: New Single: Petey called into Russ Parr’s radio show to tell his side of the story. Listen below: source RELATED: Petey Pablo Tried To Sneak A Gun On A Plane… On 9/11 […]

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  Via:   Looks like there’ll be empty seat at this year’s VMAs. Petey Pablo, born Moses Barrett III, was arrested earlier this morning (September 11) at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport before boarding a flight to Los Angeles for the annual MTV award show. Airport security discovered a concealed weapon in Pablo’s carry-on luggage […]

Via:Thisis50 If you’re planning on sleeping with Michelle Thomas you better be ready to fight for your life. Thomas, 26 of Hudson, Texas tried to go Black Widow on her common law husband Tuesday (May 4). Apparently she wasn’t happy with his sexual performance, so she grabbed a pair of scissors and started slashing and stabbing him. […] A black market butt enhancement practitioner in New Jersey is reportedly injecting women’s backsides with household caulk. In the last two months, six women have been hospitalized after being injected with the silicone, commonly used around the bathtub. Hospital workers say instead of resembling Kim Kardashian or J-Lo, the women’s derrieres looked like they were filled […] A Massachusetts man is facing cannabis trafficking charges after police discovered that he had a bed made of 102 pounds of marijuana. Police pulled over 40-year-old Hung The Truong for failing to follow a traffic violation. When he opened his window they detected the strong smell of marijuana and searched the U-Haul truck attached […]


  Police waited at the bottom of the rock wall on the southbound side of Interstate 71/75 at the Cut-in-the-Hill after two people were spotted climbing the ice Wednesday, Covington dispatchers said. The climbers were spotted just before noon, and police were trying to find out what they were doing, dispatchers said. It’s not known […]