Thabo Sefolosha has finally reached a settlement with the New York City Police Department over an altercation in April 2015 that left him with a broken leg. On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks star settled the lawsuit for $4 million — which is a far cry from the $50 million originally sought in the case. As you […]


Exclusive new video obtained by TMZ Sports shows the moment Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha was brutally taken down by the NYPD the night Indiana Pacers player Chris Copeland…


The Atlanta Hawks will be without Thabo Sefolosha for the rest of the NBA season, after the Swiss forward has his ankle broken during in…

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31-year-old Chris Copeland Indiana Pacers Forward and his wife was stabbed last night outside of a nightclub. They say the attacked happened around 4am this morning while they were leaving 1 Oak nightclub in NYC. His 28-year-old-wife, Katrine Saltara was stabbed in her arms and legs and  Chris was stabbed in his stomach.  They both were rushed to […]