If you dont remember Charles Ramsey  let me remind you. He is the guy that blew up overnight after being the hero in the Search for Amanda Berry. This happened in Cleveland when he found her being held as a prisoner in a crazy mans house. I would of thought he would have some money […]


  No more Big Macs for Charles Ramsey! The man who saved 3 kidnapped girls in Cleveland was caught on camera threatening to kill a guy at McDonald’s! They couldn’t wait to discredit Shonuff’s look-alike, and he just gave them the ammunition they needed. He was at a Cleveland McDonald’s (St. Clair and 105th St….yup), […]


A tattoo artist in Ohio is honoring the hero who helped the Cleveland kidnapping victims escape. Stephen Munhollon tattooed the face of Charles Ramsey on…


I Have watched this video six times and it is still funny. Mike Epps has not lost his humor yet. Click below for am good laugh. source


Mike Epps is the king of spoofing viral videos and crazy celebs but LAWD! Just watch the video, SMH LMAO! WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Like The Wiz on Facebook to stay updated with the latest breaking, entertainment news and original interviews!   RECENT UPDATES       Sevyn Streeter Covers Aaliyah’s “Come Over” [Video]       Fast and Furious 6 Trailer […]

Check out this Charles Ramsey Song “Dead Giveaway”    

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McDonald’s never turns away an opportunity and Charles Ramsey is a hero with a love for Mickey D’s!  McDonald’s says it will reach out to the man widely quoted in accounts of the three women who were found in Cleveland after they went missing over 10 years ago. During both his television interview and the […]

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The 911 call made by Charles Ramsey may just be even bigger than his interview on national television!  Now in no way are we looking over the fact that these women have been trapped in fear for over 10 years.  Thanks to the assistance of Charles Ramsey these women were able to be freed.  But on […]


Welcome Charles Ramsey To The Ratchet Video Hall Of Fame!  You’ve got your five minutes of fame and because of your behavior you have earned a spot among the other viral sensations like Sweet Brown, Antoine Dodson, and The Leprechaun In The Hood Guy. Here is why you made the list Charles. 1. Let’s Start […]