bria murphy

The children of celebrities usually inherit the riches of their famous parents, but every now and then the offspring become just as famous. It’s no…

Eddie Murphy’s babies are all grown up! Bria, who is 24 and Shayne who is 19 decided to take a photo shoot. But was it in their mother’s bed? Their mommy, Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan have been dating for some time and are now cohabitating. Seems the young ladies have decided to show some skin […]

VIA: THEYBF.COM Bria Murphy is finding her own lane in the business, and she is certainly putting her best face forward. Eddie and his ex-wife Nicole have some beautiful genes when collaborated, lol, and Bria is taking full advantage. The 20 year old is making her modeling debut and has signed with LA Models and Manager Jerome Martine, who […]