By Walter Kimbrough For years, I made plans the last Saturday of February to spend as much time on the couch in front of the TV watching Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union. It was a day of great conversation, and I always had lots to think about during and after those conversations. The […]

Sure you probably know which African-Americans won themselves an Oscar but do you know how many Black people were nominated for an Academy Award? African-Americans have increasingly been nominated more and more over the years. Do you recall these names and faces on the big screen? What special moments featuring Black Hollywood’s best and brightest […]

Common and Serena Williams are not only officially back together, but they may be engaged. Serena’s best friend Selita Ebanks was ont he Wendy Williams show recently and almost confirmed that the couple’s engagement rumors are true. When the talk show host asked, Selita answered, “I’m the best friend and I wouldn’t be the best […]

From City Limits Magazine: New York — Gary Sanders and Connie Wilson wanted to buy some marijuana, so they hopped on the L Train and headed east one night in October. The Friday evening rush hour crowd had already passed, so they were able to find seats. Sanders’s leg bounced up and down. He stared […]

By Hakim Hasan Recently, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton held a surreal press conference about Obama’s tax bill at the White House briefing room. After making a brief statement, Obama relinquished the podium to Clinton and left to attend a Christmas party. Clinton was left alone to respond to questions.  Obama had […]

Sports movies can be a challenge to make. The main hurdle for filmmakers is trying to deliver a movie solid enough to satisfy die hard fans while simultaneously supplying enough overall entertainment value throughout it to rein in non-sports lovers. Though classic flicks like Rocky and Hoosiers do jump that hurdle, the majority of sports […]

[PHOTOS] Cincinnatti White Man Used Lifelike Black Mask to Evade Arrest in Robberies After a string of robberies in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area earlier this year, police arrested an African-American man who’d been picked out of a photo line-up by several of the victims and identified by his mother, who thought she recognized her son […]

[PHOTOS] Will Smith Gets To Work On “Men In Black 3” Pushing for with his hit movie franchise, Will Smith was so eager to get to work on his latest film that he literally ran to the into the set of “Men in Black 3” on Wednesday (November 17).

Today is Veterans Day, the day we honor the end of WWI and all those who fought for freedom. Since many of us have no school or work, here are a few war films that will feel right as you lay on the couch all day. 1. Miracle St. Anna This epic film is about […]

Soledad O’Brien recently addressed how she felt when her “Blackness” was challenged during an interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson. O’Brien who identifies herself as a Black woman, is of  Afro-Cuban and Irish decent. O’Brien is a renown advocate for Black and Latino people, notably for her work with CNN’s “Black In America”.

Dime Time TV [VIDEO] “70% Of Black Woman Are Single, I know Why” I just watched this video, and I have to say that although the creator may have attempted to be comical with the video, I personally did not agree. I only found it to be a stereo type of today’s black woman, but […]

President Obama called into the Russ Parr Morning Show this morning to talk about the upcoming mid-term elections, voter apathy and Obama’s agenda going forward. Check out the featured interview from earlier today and our special photo gallery below highlighting President Barack Obama’s mission for us all to get out and vote. Don’t forget to […]