Listen Here Birth Name: Bill Bellamy Born: 04/07/1965 Birth Place: Newark, New Jersey, USA Credited with coining the now-common phrase “booty call” (insisting that a late-night phone call is a universally understood invitation for an intimate interlude), Bellamy had a Showtime special bearing the name with 1994’s “Bill Bellamy: Booty Call”. That same year he […]

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Gary Owens has a whole lot going on and he tells the Russ Parr Morning Show crew all about it. From filming a live special in Vegas to creating a non cursing having comedy show movement. Believe it or not but its true! The entire family can gather round to watch the program and no one […]

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Bill Bellamy is a 19yr veteran in the game. The comedian who is known for being a giver will be giving you the giggles on the 22nd on Showtime! Exclusive footage was recorded during “The Ladies Night Out” tour in various cities. Gain insight into the world of comedy! Hear the interview with Bill Bellamy on the […]


Bill Bellamy doesn’t stop the hustle. He has done a lot in his career from being a V.J. on MTV, to starring in movies like “How To Be A Player” and “Any Given Sunday”. Most recently, Bill is doing a stand-up tour and stopped through Cincinnati to perform at the Funny Bone. He dropped by […]

Let the laughter begin! This afternoon, one of America’s funniest brothers came by our 101.1 The Wiz studio for a brief on-air conversation with the man of the hour – DJ Skillz. That’s right, if you were tuning in you heard the hilarious voice of the one and only Bill Bellamy live over the airwaves […]