Just 1 Day after being shot in a robbery and after doctor’s told him he would have to relearn how to walk and breath. Baby Blue took his first step’s to recovery.

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The Carter’s enjoyed Family fun time  at K1 Speed while  celebrating Hov’s niece 16th birthday. Beyonce and Jay Z  weren’t the ONLY ones hitting the track, baby Blue joined them as well. See the photos for yourself HERE.  Like the wiz on Facebook: 101.1 the Wiz and Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @WizNationCincy On Air […]

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Between the big elevator fight and all the rumors spreading about Beyonce and Jay Z, I’m beginning to understand why they’re “ON The Run.” Queen Bey and her Hubby Hov  wrapped up their tour in San Francisco last night and she Instagramed her thanks to fans. “”Thank you San Fran! Your city is beautiful. It […]


    Remember a couple of days ago when I reported that Duane Martin put Baby Blue on blast for not taking care of his responsibilities to his alleged unborn child by Tisha Campbell’s little sister. Baby Blue later replied with: “I don’t know. I did hit her, but I didn’t hit her raw, I […]