News Jason Goolsby is suing the city of D.C. for assault, battery and failing to prevent false imprisonment by Metropolitan Police Department officers. After footage surfaced of the black college student being forcibly detained by D.C. police in Eastern Market went viral last year, many flooded the streets to protest the injustice. According to reports, the […]


Shortly after 1pm today someone was shot at an ATM on Reading Road. Police have not released the name of the victim, but Accoridng to local 12 it was ATM repair person was shot. No suspect has been captured yet,  However the Cincinnati Police Department are currently looking for the gun used during the shooting. Which has reportedly been […]

Music & Entertainment

Ray-J is back with his latest single “ATM” which features Migos and Dria, The video dropped today check it out below and let us know what you think?


According to blackmediaSCOOP, checking your bank account balance regularly online has been a pretty good way to guard against fraud—until now. An Israeli security firm has identified a new virus that not only steals the info shady folks need to drain your bank account. The darn virus ensures you don’t see those transactions when you visit your bank’s […] The biggest provisions in the new Credit Card Law are finally taking effect on February 22. The law has many consumer protections, but the biggest of all has nothing to do with credit cards; it has to do with those frustrating overdraft fees. One Small Mistake Leads to Multiple Overdrafts That’s a good thing, […]