Thank goodness for little Allison Anderwald.

As a parent what do you say to your child when they express their ready to move on.  5-year-old Saige mom was up for the challenge when she expressed her frustration with living with her mom and sibling. Kids say the darn-est things don’t they, especially when they’re mad. What are your thoughts? Like the wiz […]

Nati News

Saddest news I’ve heard all week. 5-year- old shot and killed in Mount Auburn on Sunday. I can’t believe this is the times we’re living in, guns are destroying this new generation.  Lord Jesus please keeps our children safe. As of right now Cincinnati Police Department can not explain the death of Daniel Reddmond. However, a […]

“I don’t want to marry someone if I don’t have a job first!” While most little girls are playing with barbies and Easy Bake Ovens at the age of five, this little girl is planning her future. “I want to have a job and if he says, ‘I will not come back to you’, Fine, […]