Please say it isn’t so!  TMZ is reporting some heavy stuff on The Game. The rapper, known for his tender heart and giving ways, is now being accused of laying hands on his wife. Seems like the police are all on it right now and the allegations are heavy. Felony domestic violence charges? This could […]

WOW! Tyga Models aren’t having it! According to– When you sign up for a video entitled “Make it nasty” and you perform half naked in front of the camera’s i find it hard to believe it’s a shock to see yourself in the video revealed in that manner.Well thats what two of the models from […]

WOW! Ok now I do like Weezy but he recently dissed the whole city of Miami, The Miami Heat and especially Chris Bosh. WOW! Brisco released a song titled “By Your Side” a while back featuring Lil Wayne is it possible Lil Wayne could be talking about Chris Bosh’s wife in the song? You be the […]

It’s official. Jay-Z has  announced the signing of Timbaland to his Roc Nation label. The Brooklyn, New York rapper broke the news on his Life+Times website, posting a picture of the two talking in the studio. “Roc Nation welcomes TIMBALAND to the family,” reads the caption. The two have worked together throughout their careers. In 1998, Timbo produced […]