January 04, 2010. Two weeks ago, when R&B singer Mary J Blige assaulted her husband Kendu, everyone in the industry wonder what was the root of the couple’s problems.

The NY Newspapers suggest that the assault was caused by Kendu FLIRTING with waitresses.

But according to one of’s SNITCHES, it was about MORE. Our insider claims that Mary is suspicious of her husband Kendu’s relationship with one of his artist’s, Laneah.

The insider tells us that Kendu (who is the head of Mary’s MATRIARCH RECORDS) and Laneah have a “very strong” personal and professional relationship, and Mary suspects that there could be something MORE.

We’re not sure WHAT to make of all this. We just hope that Mary doesn’t OVERREACT. In our book, those two are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY!!!

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