Via:Yahoo/News Twitter introduced on Friday its first official applications for smartphones, on the iPhoneand BlackBerrydevices. The apps are part of Twitter’s bid to extend the Twitter experience on all major mobile platfo rms the company says. No word on official Android or Palm WebOS apps yet. Twitter bought the hugely popular iPhone client Tweetie and will rebrand and relaunch it […]

Child Services Goes To Get Kat Stacks Kids! Via: The Urban Daily Some how with the magical powers of whoredom, Kat Stacks manages to stay relevant. She’s like the new “super-head” minus the super talent. Among other purposes: Investigators can check suspects’ alibis by comparing stories told to police with tweets sent at the same time about their whereabouts. Online photos from a suspicious spending spree — people posing with jewelry, guns or fancy cars — can link suspects or their friends to robberies or burglaries. The Electronic Frontier […]

VIA: In his least-hardcore move of the year, and following the latest celebrity Twitter outburst trend, Bow Wow has taken to his own page to announce that he’s firing his entire management team. “(I’m) In one of those ‘please don’t f**k with me moods’ today. I’m firing all managers! I’m managing myself. Who knows […]

Via: LA (Reuters)  The groundbreaking sci-fi movie “Avatar,” Michael Jackson‘s death and Hollywood’s $10 billion-plus box office record rank among the 2009 “moments of significance” recognized by the American Film Institute. The advent of Twitter as a promotional force in television and movie marketing, NBC’s cost-cutting TV experiment with “The Jay Leno Show,” and what […]

Tweet Beef? Swizz Beats and Ex Mashonda Go At It On Twitter! Shout Out to Sweet Back! (Via: Producer Swizz Beatz, and ex-wife Mashonda took to Twitter in a sparring of words over Swizz’s relationship with singer Alicia Keys (who it’s alleged he started a relationship with WHILE still married to Mashonda). Swizz wrote […]


I recently got into a, minor debate if you will over the Swizz Beatz/AliciaKeys “scandal”. How ironic that just this weekend the issue was brought up again via a Twiiter battle. Swizzy claims: “how can I cheat if I’m seperated?”. Uh…O…K.  He made a comment about his boo Alicia, and Mashonda fired back: Mashonda Response: SMDH. Wow. […]

Paris Hilton Tweets: Sister Nicky’s House ‘Just Got Robbed’ LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Nicky Hilton‘s home was robbed on Tuesday, according to sister Paris Hilton‘s Twitter page. “It’s unbelievable how my sister called the cops over an hour ago and they still haven’t shown up. Her house just got robbed, so messed up,” Paris posted on her Twitter […]