Beyonce’s latest self-titled visual album will be screened at the L.A. Film Festival. Filmguide explained the screening, saying, “The screening will be a simultaneous audio/visual experience showcasing the non-linear short films that illustrate the songs on Beyonce’s recent release, followed by an extended talk with the creators and directors of those videos, focusing on the […]

Actor Jon Hamm may be the epitome of masculinity and suaveness now, but he had to go some awkward phases to get there. Recently, a…

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Rush Limbaugh blasted Ice-T on his show Monday (July 24), after the rapper defended gun rights on during an interview about the Aurora, Colorado shootings that left 12 people dead on July 20. “I’ll give up my gun when everyone else does,” Ice-T  told UK Channel 4 News after the shootings. “If there were guns here […]