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Since the sweetest part of ya day is on ya radio with ya girl Keta Kiwi ;-) I figured we’d take it to ya laptop and give the sweetest gift: my Saturday pick! It goes to Beyonce. I love YOU like XO Mmmmuuuuaaah! Enjoy #Sweethearts…  


I absolutely HATE when girls act caddy or feel like they can’t share where they buy they’re close or get their hair done. I HAAATTTE that. So, I’ve decided to share anything that I find an/or use to keep my lady #sweethearts looking fabulous and healthy. Today we’re talking Fabulous Finds NYC. I purchased a […]

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What. The. H***? Football players aren’t really catching a good rep in the media these days. First masturbation accusations, now rape allegations? Remember Darren FINE ASS Sharper?  The 38-year-old previously dated Gabby Union. Darren was reportedly arrested in L.A. for suspicion of rape.  And there are 2 separate incidents of sexual assault involved.  It’s unclear if […]