pretty boy swag

My good buddy in Philadelphia DJ GregNitty has given Philly a taste of this hot track on 100.3 The Beat’s “Hard Drive @ 5,” and of course, I had to steal some of the thunder this week because we know you want to hear more from your girl Ciara, who’s really been shaping things up […]

    Via: The young stunner Soulja Boy has been stunned with a law suit over a catch phrase developed by another company. Clement Brown Jr., owner of clothing line Laundry Money, has filed a lawsuit suing Soulja and his SOD click for of stealing the firm’s slogan and using it as their “code […] Ciara is definitely getting back to the basics with her new music. According to Soulja Boy’s twitter, he will be shooting the video for “Pretty Boy Swag” Remix in Atlanta this coming weekend. The song features Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane and Ciara. This song will also be featured on Ciara’s “Basic Instinct” mixtape that […]