Parental Advisory

I just can’t get me enough of Marsha Ambrosius, I love her what about you? Over the weekend, Marsha Ambrosius released an EP  titled  “Fvck and Love“. The 6 song albums comes with a warning sign from Marsha herself “PARENTAL ADVISORY #FVCKANDLOVE Don’t come at me all crazy 9 Months from now!!!” Check out the EP for […]

The other morning I was driving my 15 year old daughter to school when DJ Drama’s latest strip club anthem “Oh My” came on the radio.  As I listened to the lyrics and watched her mouth along to them out of the corner of my eye, I physically cringed. See, as a parent I intimately […]

 I’m gonna call it ‘attack of the  whores’ week now that Luther Campbell’s daughter has on the viral video bandwagon! Lecresha Campbell, who appeared on her dad’s VH1 show “Luke’s Parental Advisory,” says that among other things, he’s a horrible father who physically abused her mom and doesn’t even acknowledge his own kids: Luke used […]