In an exciting development for millennial fried chicken enthusiasts, the baby-boomer executives in KFC’s marketing department have finally figured out a way to combine bacchanalian fast food consumption with a portable USB charger. That’s right, the new 5-in-1 meal box — otherwise known as the “Watt a Box” — actually features an internal power source that customers can use […]

Beyonce turned 33 on Thursday! She celebrated along side of her hubby, Jay Z overseas on the European Islands.  The Carter’s got to enjoy some alone time  in Italy. Click here for photo courtesy of The YBF.com.  Like the wiz on Facebook: 101.1 the Wiz and Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @WizNationCincy On Air Talent […]

Just as summer time travel begin to flourish, the State Department releases higher fee rates for passports and visas. Effective on July 13th the cost of passport for an adult will increase from $ 100 to $135, including a $25 administrative fee. Children under 16 will pay $105 with the increase, up from $ 85 […]