T- Pain dropped a Lyric Video for his new love song ‘Officially Yours’ just in time for valentines day. “I didn’t want to pay two actors to act like they’re in love,” T-Pain told Upvoted. “I wanted to get depictions of real love. There’s a difference. When the bride walks down the aisle, you can […]

Wow this is crazy Fasho  Floyd Mayweather is officially set to square off with Andre Berto in September.  I’m Told from my sources that the two have been in talks for weeks … but now we’re told from both camps that it’s a done deal and the two will fight in Vegas on September 12th. […]

Breaking News Alert: Drake & Nicki Minaj just got married! Meet Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Graham. Drake and Nicki Minaj are officially married! Looks like Drake really wasn’t kidding when he said, “Girl I’m not playing. If you with it, then I’m with it…” because via Twitter it looks like the two really have tied […]