Oakland Raiders

If you are a Bengals fan…… You have nothing to worry about! But for all the Oakland Raiders fan, you mite be real upset with this news. Yesterday (March 27th) The NFL along with some of the league’s franchise owners held a press conference about relocating the Raiders from Oakland,CA to Las Vegas,NV. During the […]

He is only 32 years old, but he’s done! Nnamdi Asomugha (Kerry Washinton’s baby daddy and fiance) is calling it quits as an Oakland Raider. The announcement was made at a news conference at team headquarters today.  He signed a $60 million 5-year contract two and a half years ago when he played with the […]

JaMarcus Russell Arrested, Not Likely To Be Employed Soon via: Yahoo JaMarcus Russell(notes), recently released free-agent quarterback and one of the biggest draft busts of all time, was arrested Monday afternoon for possession of a controlled substance. The substance? Codeine syrup, according to Daniela Werner of al.com. Codeine syrup, also known as purple drank, lean, or […]