Academy Award nominee and recent Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient Angela Bassett still gets nervous and claims she doesn’t take any of her amazing career for granted. In fact, she’s been so successful that her debut on Broadway wasn’t ever too far from her cinematic endeavors. The world of acting led her straight to a […]

News & Gossip

All week long we’ve heard about Mariah Carey’s birthday celebration which quickly turned into breaking news as we all thought the twins were finally on the way. Although the contractions did come a bit early, Mariah was able to still celebrate her big day in style. On the other hand, did it seem like nobody […]

Tuesday Tube Talk

For the 12th season in a row, we’ve seen celebrities of yesterday and those with promising futures glide across the dance floor on the hit TV competition “Dancing with the Stars.” Many come in with strong backgrounds in entertainment while others lack the rhythm, the confidence, skill and technique. For one of this season’s contestants, […]