Kelly Osbourne

We are all confused on this one! Maybe you can clarify why Rosie Perez was forced to apologize to Kelly Osbourne after her offensive remarks?  Due to the recent drama, Rosie is apparently through with the show and ready to make her exit, EARLY. You may remember, Kelly Osbourne stated on The View, “who’s going […]

So I’m sure any moment now, Kelly Osbourne will be releasing an apology for her comments she made on  The View this morning. In an attempt to slander Donald Trump and his comments about Latinos, she threw shots their way by “mistake”. Wow Kelly Osbourne!! Who says such a bold racist statement on a national television […]

Khloe Kardashian is eyeing that open seat on “Fashion Police” now that Kelly Osbourne is ready to make her exit. It’s out with the old…