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Ciara has given us an overdose of her body party on the cover of GQ magazine. Keep in mind people photos are usually taken 3-4 months in advance, so don’t  assume Cici is not being pregnant because her flat tummy may rule out the possibility quick. Yes, she’s engaged  but I don’t think Future censors what […]

Trying on jeans can be a pain. They either fit your waist but are too short. Or they’re the perfect length but too baggy. Allure has rounded up 4 tips to help you choose the perfect pair. Think small Jeans tend to stretch nearly half a size, so they should be very snug when you […]

Because all denim is colored by an indigo dye process, some amount of fading will take place with laundering. The best way to maintain the dark color of your favorite jeans is to send them to the dry cleaners*, but that can get expensive. Here are a few other tips that we hope will slow […]