I’m beginning to believe that Twitter was created specifically for rapper 50 Cent‘s outbursts. Yesterday, 50 cent tweeted that there was some animosity from Dr. Dre due to the upcoming release of 50′s headphone line, Sleek by 50. According to 50, both Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre feel a certain type of way about […] 50 Cent made an annoucement he has stroke a deal with the company Sleek, making him not only a partner but a shareholder in the company and a seat on the board of directors (sound like any other deal he has done before? ::cough:: vitamin wather ::cough::). The new “Escape Into Your Music” headphones […]

A new trend is looming in celebrity-endorsement deals and for rappers, it’s not anymore clothing, shoes or liquor. Rapper Ludacris is starting his own headphones line, “Soul by Ludacris”, following his predecessors: Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre who came up with their own headphones earlier this year. Luda launched “Soul by Ludacris” earphones at the […]

Cincy With the successful launch of Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, another rapper is looking to get into the earpiece game. Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, is linking with Skullcandy headphones to release a new line of listening equipment. The first item to come out of the venture will be the Roc Nation […]