You might not know it, but today (Monday) is a holiday. July 31st has been designated as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day — designed to bring awareness to the gender pay gap and how it impacts women of color. Serena Williams wrote an essay for Fortune sharing knowledge on the important topic close to her heart. Black women are 37 cents […]

Sex is often used in vain. It’s more factors to consider when having sex with someone then we like to recognize. Before you engage in intimacy you should first ask yourself these question: 7. Do you really want to do it? 6. How do I feel about myself at this moment? 5. How do I feel about […]

In a recent interview Fantasia tells Vibe that she feels her “African and more ethnic features” played a role in the coverage she received from the mainstream media regarding her affair with her married boyfriend as oppose to the coverage Alicia Keys received.