celebrity break ups

Bow Wow led us to believe it was over between he and fiancé , Erica Mena. Apparently not! They’re back in stride again… He confused us all with these cryptic messages he posted on Twitter. Such as messages like “Don’t trust too much, Don’t love too much, You’re going to get hurt!” Those silly rants […]

Well, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. According to social media (where the truth lives, right?), Draya and Orlando are over. She implies that Orlando F’d up. Not sure how or why, but that’s all folks:

I was under a rock because I did not know his situation had gotten so nasty! Remember back in 2011 when all that drama was going down between Steve Harvey and his ex wife Mary, who claimed that Steve was didn’t care about their now 16-year-old son Wynton and simply took him (their only child […]