Alright! You a K.Michelle Fan?!? Really? Ok so these 9 things shouldn’t be so shocking, lets test your knowledge! 1. K.Michelle favorite artist that she has worked with…R.Kelly! 2. The Dixie Chicks are her idol 3. Inspiration..of course her son! 4. Doesn’t like Big Arms, nope will not date em 5. Major in college- Psychology […]

All my Hit the Floor fans! Were you as excited as I was?!?! The ending was CRAZY!!! The whole show was CRAZY!!!! Watch the reaction from the cast here: WOW!!! Can’t wait til Season 3, read/watch more here: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: Wiznationcincy and FACEBOOK: 101.1 Wiz Nation FOLLOW ME, Kristenk, TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: kristenk_1 CATCH ME […]

One of my favorite reality show men are starting a new Magazine..Black Ink Magazine! The urban lifestyle mag combines some of his biggest passions (art, hip-hop) with his professional experience (graphic design) and aims to give readers a more complete look at urban culture. VH1 spoke with Ceaser about what to expect from the bi-monthly magazine […]