Meek Mill was hanging out at the strip club, with Future just before he turned his self in. Meek was set to turn himself in for house arrest on March 1. A judge is set to reevaluate his case in about 90 days. So we will see how this will play out

Lets pray for the victims shot on 75 this morning.  Police were called just before midnight. A witness  named Tabitha Beebe, said “I was scared. I was scared,” Beebe said. “I was afraid that something else might happen, someone else might come back. I was just hoping and praying that everyone was alright and that everyone […]

[VIDEO] 75 People Brawl at 3-Year Old Birthday Party What does 75 people plus a 3 year old equals?  Well it should be a Happy Birthday Celebration tead it was a huge disaster!